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I work with mission-driven founders, leaders, and product builders. I start by understanding the problems you are trying to solve. Then we define the scope to deliver your desired outcomes.


  • Difficulty aligning team efforts with company’s mission.
  • Struggling to maintain agility and innovation while scaling.
  • Challenges in product strategy and execution.
  • Managing team dynamics and communication.
  • Finding balance between product development and market needs.
  • Overcoming leadership hurdles in high-growth settings.
  • Navigating the complexities of cross-functional collaboration.
  • Ensuring product and team scalability.
  • Maintaining personal and team motivation and fulfilment.
  • Developing a sustainable culture of high performance and impact.


  • Aligned team efforts with a clear mission-driven strategy.
  • Sustained innovation and agility during and after scaling.
  • Effective product strategies that outperform competition.
  • Enhanced team dynamics and fostering open communication.
  • Products that meet and exceed market needs.
  • Elevated leadership skills tailored to high-growth challenges.
  • Seamless cross-functional teamwork and collaboration.
  • Scalable solutions for products and organisational structures.
  • Increased motivation, satisfaction, and fulfilment across teams.
  • A culture of high performance that drives continuous impact.

Services on offer

1:1 Coaching

Bespoke coaching for leaders focused on achieving high performance and finding fulfilment in the challenging journey of scaling a product team.

Team Workshops

Custom workshops designed to enhance team dynamics, communication and productivity, crucial for successfully scaling a product organisation.

Product Consulting

Strategic consulting services that leverage my startup and enterprise experience to address the complexities of scaling, from product strategy to execution.


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What is product coaching?Product coaching involves personalised guidance to help product leaders and teams enhance their skills, align with market needs, and drive innovation effectively.
How can team workshops benefit my organisation?Team workshops foster better communication, collaboration, and alignment towards common goals, crucial for scaling and maintaining agility.
What does product consulting entail?Product consulting provides strategic insights on product development, market positioning, and competitive strategy, aiming to optimise product success.
Who are the target customers for these services?These services are ideal for mission-driven founders, product leaders, and teams in startups and enterprises facing scaling challenges.
What outcomes can I expect from engaging in these services?Expect enhanced team alignment, sustained innovation, effective product strategies, and a culture of high performance and impact.
How do you address the challenges of scaling?By focusing on strategic alignment, maintaining agility, and fostering a scalable team culture, we navigate and overcome scaling challenges together.
Can these services help if we're struggling with innovation?Absolutely, the services are designed to reignite innovation, ensuring your product and team remain competitive and forward-thinking.
What makes your approach unique?My approach blends extensive startup and enterprise experience with a focus on unlocking potential and achieving high performance and fulfilment.
How long does a typical coaching or consulting engagement last?Engagements can vary based on your specific needs and goals, ranging from short-term workshops to ongoing coaching relationships.
How can I start working with you?The first step is to schedule a call where we can discuss your challenges and aspirations and how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.