Hi, I'm Liam ๐Ÿ‘‹

I use my 10+ years of experience building startups and enterprise products to help mission-driven product builders achieve impactful results. Alongside my current role where I lead a cross-functional team of product consultants at VMware Tanzu Labs, I am a Co-Active Coach in training and a Board Member of Product Management Festival. Drawing on my experience as the founding licensee of a TEDx event, co-founder of FitUsIn and the first product hire at Pivotal Labs Sydney, I infuse an entrepreneurial flair into my work as a coach, consultant and leader.


Liam Darmody at Product Management Festival 2018

"When I started working with Liam, I had been laid off and needed career and interview coaching. Liam's understanding of the industry and product manager challenges made him stand out. He was flexible and adaptable to my challenges, and guided me through structured sessions to do the hard work. As a result, I gained more confidence, self-growth, and successfully landed my dream job."

Bernadett Haasz

"Liam's experience and integrity were what drew me to his coaching services. I was navigating a new role in a different industry while launching a business. Liam has been professional, considerate and adaptable. His ability to get to the core of challenges through insightful questions has been incredibly valuable in overcoming obstacles."

Dan Ryan